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This page is designed for samples of handmade cards and other gifts made

  to  your orders. Computer design makes everything possible, just tell us what you want.

It could be Invitation cards, Birthday or Anniversary cards, gift cards, albums,

3D collage framed  pictures, etc. You could e-mail me the photo, your text,

 your children's drawing or other scanned picture to be placed on the card.

  We would discuss the design and create your card together, using Internet. You can

also order e-cards like you see on this page. Check back often. Viktorina.

Handmade in Canada

  Viktorina Savelieva All Rights Reserved

Viktorina Cards




Samples of pages to be sent to your recipients for different holidays or events.

You can order your content and photos.  Follow the links please.

Christmas Eve 8marta Happy Easter-ducks День Рождения -шампанское L'Shanah Tovah!


Happy Easter-angels Dark Eyes. Chaliapin is singing Birthdays
Merry Christmas 8 Марта -2012/1  Happy Easter Love the life you live. Live the life you love Ice-cream
Happy Holiday Season 8 Марта -2012/2 Christ is risen! У природы нет плохой погоды..  
N.Year-TPEP   Easter gifts С Днём Рождения -откр.  
С Новым Годом - поэтич.     С Днём Рождения - В.&Л.  
С Новым Годом!        
В Ночь Перед Рождеством     Congratulatulations on your Achievements!  
С Рождеством Христовым! С Днём Победы!   Wedding Anniversary