Mixed Media works presented at the gallery of Ottawa Orchid Society on April 18 2015

Bouquet of orchids in a vase 24 x 37" Mixed Media: Silk (flowers);  fabric (table cloth); cardboard (window and table); photo image  (vase); acrylic. This is 3D mixed media collage in a board.

This work was awarded with a red ribbon on a class In the style of Matisse

For my Mixed Media works I am using the same technique I have successfully developed for producing hand made greeting cards  -

3D mixed media collage. www.amazzzingcards.com     The technology for this work:

1. Background (the sky and the greens outside of window; the wall to which the table is leaning against) was painted (acrylic)

2. Pieces of cardboard for the window and the table (a piece of cardboard with fabric stuck on it as a tablecloth) were taped to the background.

3. Previously designed by computer and then printed image of the vase was shaped and taped to the table.

4. The frame of bouquet was made of pre-crimping sprigs of bushes.

5. For some orchids are used silk flowers. The pattern of orchid was made for other flowers.

6. Pieces of silk of different colors were lubricated by starch paste, allowed to dry and ironed. Then of them were made flowers, which were attached to       the frame of the bouquet. Silk leaves were also attached to the bouquet.

7. A piece of silk was tacked around the vase as an additional decoration

8. Final painting was made: the curtain, the picture's frame sides and additional touch-ups

9. The paverpol media and somewhere varnish was used to seal all components.

Picture details

Viktorina Cards